Central Coast Future Leaders

Leadership training and academic and personal development opportunities for young people and their families.

To honor the strength, unity, and multi-generational makeup of Latino families, we invite the entire family to our 3-day Family Leadership Camp. The purpose of the event is to create awareness for parents. We highlight the importance of higher education, personal and leadership development, and community service, not only for the youth participants, but also for the families themselves and their younger children.

Family Camp, held entirely in Spanish, consists of youth-led workshops on the importance of education, civic engagement, communication (especially between teenagers and their parents), and financial aid and scholarship opportunities for college, along with workshops on self-expression and cultural pride. This includes opportunities for families to write poems, sing together, dance, paint murals, and create other expressions of pride in their culture and in themselves.

CCFL depends largely on the generosity of the community we serve. Please consider making a donation today!

110 South Lincoln Street, #207, Santa Maria, CA 93458(805) 925-1010